What’s the Best King Size Sleeping Bag?

king size sleeping bag reviewsWhen you are looking for some of the best king size sleeping bag there are a few things to consider.  That’s how much do  you want to spend and do you want name brand quality rather than care about the price at all.  Sometimes it can be very difficult to find exactly what you are looking for when you do it online but you can get some of the best deals in the world if you do your shopping online instead of in a crowded market and or shop that has zero time for you or anyone else because they are always so busy.  So let us take the guess work out of what you might need for a sleeping bag and read over our top 10 list of the best king size double sleeping bags that are currently on the market.  A mix of both wonderful customer reviews and prices were taken into consideration when making this list so we hope that you enjoy it.

 Top 10 king size and large sleeping bag reviews

1 – Blue Diamond 52oz Super King Sleeping Bag | Pattern: SIGNATURE

  • Very spacious
  • Keeps you very warm
  • Easy to clean
  • Very user friendly

If you are looking for superior quality and superior design then you’ve found exactly what you are looking for in this sleeping bag.  A very nice bag which has a fashion sense as well as warmth built right into it. A very wonderful sleeping bag with extra secure stitching so that you can trust you will be able to use this bag season after season without issues.  Very tidy and rolls up comfortably which is a plus because it might seem bulky but when you fold it all down. It keeps you and your partner warm no matter how cool it is outside and that’s great, Even though it’s bulky no one seems to have a real issue with it.

2 – Coleman Hudson Double Sleeping Bag

  • Very good looking
  • Easy to keep clean and tidy
  • Very spacious
  • No slip zipper

You know how sometimes when you’ve had a sleeping bag for a while the zippers can start to slip and or grip too tightly and you have an awful time even wanting to use it again?  Well thanks to this sleeping bag you won’t have that issue.  Very good quality materials went into this bag to ensure that you had the most comfortable and long lasting sleeping bag that money could buy. Very sturdy design which means that it will last and last no matter how many seasons that you might want to take it out and use it.  Large and warm you will be sure that you can trust that this sleeping bag will help you out along the way.


  • Heavy and Warm
  • Big enough for 2 people easily
  • Really good looking
  • Cleaning is a snap

Very easy to keep neat and tidy. This sleeping bag sleeps wonderful and that’s because of it’s super softness which is overstuffed inside of this bag. Very nice looking and very warm it will keep you nice and toasty on even the coldest winter night.  Very nice to lay under even in warm weather you can be sure that you have picked exactly the right kind of sleeping bag.  Very highly rated by customers which means that you will surely have the same impression when you buy this sleeping bag as well.

4 – Riviera Super King Size Signature Luxury Sleeping Bag 52oz 8.6 Tog.

  • Very nice looking sleeping bag
  • Easy to take care of
  • Roll up is very tight and lightweight
  • Very nice zippers that do not slip

This lightweight and beautiful sleeping bag got some of the highest customer ratings of any of the bags that we’ve featured so far on this list.  They love how soft and beautiful the materials used are.  They love how durable and clean it was and also they loved that it had zippers that didn’t slip or skip which made it super easy to use and to fold away.  Once it was folded away you can be sure that this sleeping bag wasn’t overly bulky which is always a good thing.  Wanting to use a product that is difficult or hard to store can be really frustrating.  Instead get this bag because it seemed to have everything that people want in a bag.

5 – SB1413 Baubles 60Oz Sleeping Bag Super King Size

  • Fashionable
  • Delicate yet very warm
  • Great for all weather use
  • Comfortable

Very nice looking sleeping bag which has plenty of room inside for two people most comfortably.  Easy to set up and use this is a no fuss or muss sleeping bag that doesn’t have a ton wrong with it.  Very good and soft which is a huge plus for people who are looking for plenty of room to sleep in.  Very good durability which means that you can use it over and over again without having to worry if it’s actually going to stand up to use.  Normal use season to season really seems to do just fine with this sleeping bag which is always good.  Very nice to sleep under no matter what the weather is like outside makes it perfect for all seasons as well.

6 – SunnCamp Alfresco Super King Size Sleeping Bag

  • Soft and comfortable materials used
  • Zippers are very easy to use
  • Folds down small
  • Lightweight yet very durable

Don’t let this bag fool you!  It’s super lightweight but very durable.  Which is perfect for anyone who is looking for a bag that is really super long lasting.  This bag was made with true campers in mind which is great.  This has name brand quality design and stitching which means that it isn’t going to fall apart after the first time that you use it.  No worries with this bag.  Very easy to use and when it’s folded down it seems a bit bulky but it’s worth it at least that’s what customer reviews said about it.  Very nice looking and sturdy was it’s best assets.

7 – SunnCamp Baubles Super King Size Sleeping Bag

  • Durable and Compact
  • Nice looking bag
  • Very easy to use
  • Goes anywhere

If you love to camp you’re going to love this bag.  Very easy to take anywhere you want it to go and very lightweight which means that it stores away compact even for it’s size.  Very easy to take out and to use which means that you will want to take it along with you no matter where you are going.  Very easy to zip and unzip which means that you will want to use it over and over again.  Very lightweight and tidy as well which was the biggest plus to this bag.  It was mainly rated for winter or autumn use but it surely could be used year round depending on where you were going or where you lived in the first place.

8 – Sunncamp Heritage Sleeping Bag Super King Size

  • Very large and comfortable
  • Soft materials used
  • Machine washable
  • Very nice looking

Washing sleeping bags can prove to be very hard but with this bag you are sure to find that you can have a clean sleeping bag at the start of every single camping season.  It can go right into a large washing machine which means that you do not need to pay extra money for a cleaning service that might not know how to clean one as it is.  Very lightweight and easy to care for means that this will surely become one of your favorite sleeping bags in the world.  Hopefully you will recommend this bag to your friends and family once you’ve realized just how great it is.

9 – SunnCamp King Double Sleeping Bag Stone

  • Very comfortable bag to sleep in
  • Comes with carry case
  • Very wonderful comfort with soft materials
  • Lightweight yet durable

Very beautiful sleeping bag which has hands down one of the best ratings online.  It really is the most soft sleeping bag you will ever sleep inside of.  Very good quality materials went into making this sleeping bag which means that not only is it durable it’s also super soft and full and that means extra warmth just for you.  You can keep warm and soft inside of this sleeping bag each and every single time you use it.  Compact fold down which means storing it away shouldn’t be an issue even slightly.  No matter what time of the year you want to use this bag it should be just fine.  Best used in the fall and winter though, as it is extra fluffy for added warmth.

10 – Sunncamp Symphony K/Size Sleeping Bag

  • Super Warm
  • Very nice looking
  • Durability and keeps you dry
  • Good for all weather

Very nice bag with wonderful feeling all around.  When you slip inside of this bag you will feel like you are sleeping on air.  Very warm and tidy and folds down very small for compact store away.  Very good materials were used as well so that’s a huge plus. Quality name brand design goes a long way with this bag.


We hope that this very comprehensive list has helped you to really find the best king sized sleeping bag that you could on the market.  Putting in so much work just to find that you’ve bought the wrong thing can be very frustrating and we hope that this article could really shed some light and information on the subject for you.  We hope that you’d recommend one of these bags to someone that you know and love because you loved and trusted it so much.

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