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lichfield tentsLichfield Tents and why thet are so highly thought of.

When it comes to camping, the quality and condition of your tent will always have an impact on the overall level of enjoyment you experience with the tent. This is where it is best to find the best value for money tent as opposed to just finding the tent that is the cheapest tent. Price will always be a factor when it comes to buying a tent but if a poor quality tent can ruin your time away and leave you feeling cold and miserable, is it worthwhile buying the cheapest tent?

There are plenty of tents that can offer good value for money and there is often a lot to be said for buying a tent from a reputable firm with a solid reputation. This is why many people decide that Lichfield tents are exactly what they are looking for.

If you are looking for a tent, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose a tent from Lichfield, including:

  • The company has an excellent reputation developed over many years
  • Value for money and peace of mind
  • A strong range of various size tents
  • A range of accessories to add to the value of your camping trip

Lichfield tents review

Below is a quick look at some of the best Lichfield tents we found.

Lichfield Tents

PictureDescriptionPriceCustomer Reviews

Lichfield Arisaig 4 Man Tent -Dark Ivy/Forest Shade
££9 reviews

Lichfield Arisaig 5 Person Tent - Dark Ivy/Forest Shade
££14 reviews

Lichfield Event Tent - Olympian Blue
££14 Reviews

Lichfield Sandwood (4 + 2) 6 Man Tent - Blue
£££2 reviews

Lichfield Arisaig 2 Person Tent - Dark Ivy/Forest Shade
££1 reviews

Lichfield Findhorn 4 Man Camping Tent - Olympian Blue
£££1 reviews

Lichfield claim to have a family heritage and history of camping products that dates back to 1860, which has to be considered as a lot of history to fall back on. If you are keen to choose a company that has a reputation that can be relied on, this is exactly what you are looking for. You don’t have more than 150 years of experience in a particular industry without becoming a company you can trust or rely on.

Tents of every style can be found in this range

The company stocks a wide range of tents that vary in style from the classic and traditional tent to a more modern and contemporary style. The company stocks it Lichfield tents in different colours and they can provide tents that are capable of holding different numbers of people. From a tent that is comfortable for one person, to tents for couples and then tents for a group of people, there is something for everyone in the range of tents on offer from Lichfield.

The versatility of tent sizes on offer is a positive thing and it means that there is flexibility for people. It may be that you are unsure of what tent is best for you until you try them out but when you know a particular brand or manufacturer that appeals to you, it makes sense to stick with what they have to offer.

Lichfield is also able to offer a wide range of accessories for tents. The company has the same sterling reputation for these products as they do for their tents. If you are keen to buy a tent from a company you can trust and which will offer a strong level of value for money, it makes sense to choose a firm that campers know and love. If you are looking for a firm to trust, Lichfield is a firm that offers a lot of confidence. Read more about buyinng the right tent click here.