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folding table and seat ideasWhen you are going camping, it can be of benefit to travel as lightly as possible. This is where you need to weigh up the practicalities of items over how much hassle and effort it would be take them with you. If you are trekking or hiking, you will want to consider the weight of these items and the ease of carrying them. If you are driving to your camp site, you will want to ensure you are not overloading your car and that a particular item is not taking up too much room. This means that some items which you would think would be of benefit will need to be left behind.

After all, you can probably think of a good few uses to have a table with you when you camp but the practicalities involved with taking a table with you when you go camping are not worth it. This is where the use of a camping table can make all the difference though. If you can see the benefits of having access to a table but don’t want to be carrying anything too heavy or cumbersome, a folding camping table is likely to be a great purchase.

The first main benefit of this style of table is that it is as sturdy and as reliable as a normal table. The advances in technology have ensured that folding products can be perfectly reliable. If you feel that these tables will not provide you with what you are looking for or you have had bad experiences in the past, you will be glad to know that the modern range of camping tables that fold away are far more advanced that previous models.

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Lightweight Folding Picnic Table
££ 19 reviews

TJNS 6ft Plastic Folding Table 4 Banquet Camping Utility
££ 57 reviews

Gelert Backpacker Table - Silver
££25 Reviews

Folding Camping Table / Picnic Table with Extra storage underneath
££24 reviews

Yellowstone Folding Camping Table
££44 reviews

Gelert Double Roll-Up Table
££68 reviews

Folding camping tables are reliable, durable and easy to carry

While these tables are robust and reliable, they are also lightweight and can be folded down into a much more convenient size and shape. This is brilliant news for people who are looking to pack as much as possible but don’t want to be left with too much to carry or transport. Again, advances in technology has created the situation where it is possible to have a strong and durable table that can be collapsed and folded into a much more convenient shape. Easy up inflatable tents are almost instant in their erection and putting away.

There are real benefits to having a table when you go camping. If you are looking to prepare food properly before serving it p for your travelling party, having a reliable surface can make the food preparation process go much smoother. If you want to ensure that everyone has a sociable time together, there is no better way to do this than by gathering everyone around the same table to eat. Whether this is at breakfast time so everyone can be informed of the plans for the day ahead or in the evening when the day can be discussed, a table helps to bring people together. It also offers a convenient and reliable way to balance food and drink, which is not always when you go camping without a recognised flat surface.

Tables cant only be used for food though, there are plenty of other ways a folding camping table can be of considerable benefit. Perhaps a day at the beach is organised and you don’t want little one out in the sun all day, putting the table in the sun tent allows time out of the sun and maybe still do things like drawing.

If you are an old school camper and you like to have a big map, you will know it can be difficult to unfold the map and view everywhere you are looking to go to. This is where being able to fold a map out on a table makes the process so much easier. If you are looking to have social time at night, a table is the perfect way to play cards or perhaps even a board game. Camping is not just about the walk or the views from the camp site, it is about connecting to other people and a table that folds will provide you with a better chance of bringing everyone together. For more tips of buying camping table click here.