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camping wardrobeA camping wardrobe will make a tidy difference!

If you are the sort of person that tries to travel as light as possible when you camp, you may be offended by way you are about to hear. It is important to remember though that camping is open for everyone and not everyone adheres to the maxim that less is more. Some folk look to take as few clothes as possible when they camp. However, some folk look to take a considerable amount of clothing when they go camping so storage is needed. In fact, some people intend on taking so many clothes that they actually need to have a wardrobe to take care of all of their clothes!


Some of the benefits that come from a camping wardrobe include:

  • Easily folded away
  • Keeps your clothes in great condition
  • Commonly has storage space for shoes
  • Waterproof
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Can be used for other items other than clothes

Camping Wardrobe

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Double Camping Wardrobe or Larder with Removable Shelves.
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Yellowstone 3Shelf Camping Storage - Blue, 43x34x67 cm
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Kampa Maddie Wardrobe Xpress 2011
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Kampa Rosie Wardrobe
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Folding Wardrobe, camping cabinet with large opening
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It is fair to say that there has been an increase in the variety of camping opportunities that are on offer. From music festivals to “glamping”, people who would have previously had no consideration for camping are now looking at it as a serious and viable option. This means that there are people who want to go camping but ensure that they look great at all times.

There are many benefits to this style of camping wardrobe

It is not as though a wardrobe for camping is only for people who are vain or focused on looking great at all times. Everyone, apart from the naked rambler and naturists, will want to have a good selection of clothes to choose from when they are away. A wardrobe that is designed for use when camping will provide people with the chance to keep their clothes clean, in great condition and easily accessible.

Outwell Camping Wardrobe
outwell camping wardrobe
If you have previously camped and left all of your clothes at the bottom of a rucksack or bag, you will know that this can leave you looking slightly dishevelled by the end of a few days. Having access to a good and reliable wardrobe or camping cupboard can transform how you look at the end of your camping trip. While looks are never the most important thing, there is no getting away from the fact that people take a lot of confidence and happiness from their appearance which means that having great looking good clothes is never a bad thing.

You may think the idea of lugging a wardrobe around with you is not worth the time, effort or hassle but this is where the easy nature of this wardrobe makes sense. When it is not in use, a wardrobe for camping can be zipped up and packed down into a very small unit or bundle, additionally most camping wardrobe storage is made of cloth and is super light weight This means that transporting it around couldn’t be simpler, which means there is no excuse for not adding it to your belongings when you pack. For buying standard wardrobes guide click here.

Waterproof is always good when camping

Camping style wardrobe storage can also provide a waterproof solution for keeping your clothes in good condition. While many tents are waterproof, if you leave your bag on the ground on a tent, there is a chance that dampness on the ground may impact on the nature of your clothes. This could ruin or certainly dampen a holiday for many people, so it makes sense to look into ways that you can keep your clothes in stylish and presentable condition and enjoy your camping trip.