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5 man tentA 5 man tent is common choice for most.

When it comes to planning a camping trip, it is important to ensure that everyone is taken care of. Depending on the makeup of the group, there could be a lot of different folk going together. If you are going with friends, this could see a group of five different people all having their own tent. This means that there is a need for a lot of space and if you choose a camp site that charges per tent, you may find that the cost of your camping trip starts to rise. This is not ideal but it may be that a 5 man tent will suit your needs perfectly. Find a perfect campsite click here.

One of the best factors about a tent that can fit five people is that it helps to keep people together. If you are looking to make sure your camping trip has a focus on the social aspect, this will be a great factor. This means that this style of tent is the perfect place for a family to sleep. The tent may say that it is for 5 men but this is just a handy title to explain what the tent can do. If you have a family including kids, you don’t want your children to be too far from you. 5 man tents are hugely popular with small to medium sized groups.

Benefits of a 5 man tent:

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Value for money
  • Keeping people together

Knowing that all of your family is together in the one tent will provide peace of mind for the parents and it will help to ensure that the kids feel happier and more confident about the sleeping arrangements. This means that a big tent designed for more people is the ideal tent for a family to take.

5 Man Tents

PictureDescriptionPriceCustomer Reviews

Vango Apollo 500 Five Man Tent - 5 Person
£££4 reviews

Coleman Waterfall Five Man Tent
£££48 reviews

Lichfield Arisaig 5 Person Tent - Dark Ivy/Forest Shade
££14 Reviews

High Peak Amalfi Five Man Tent
£££1 reviews

Gelert Atlantis 5 Tent - Riviera/Slate/Charcoal
£££27 reviews

Vango Zeal 500 Five Man Tent - 5 Person Stand Up
££4 reviews

This 5 man tent can be split into smaller sections

You will find that most five man tents come with a divider which can split the tent in two. This means that there can be two bedrooms or you may decide that one element of the tent can be a living area that is sheltered while the other section is for sleeping. The usual breakdown of the tent is 3 people in the larger element and two people in the smaller section but there is a flexibility to make your own arrangements. This is where a mum and dad will commonly sleep in the larger section and the kids can sleep in the other section, ensuring that everyone has enough space but that there is still an element of privacy on offer. While getting together with friends or family members is crucial for many campers, there is a lot to be said for having the ability to have some quiet time or feel as though you are not tied to other people every hour of the day.

While there is a great deal of benefits to be found in this style of 5 man tent with regards to sleeping arrangements and making space for everyone, this is still a tent that provides durability and reliability. If you had concerns that a tent of a much larger size would be compromised with respect to ease of use or the ability to withstand tough weather conditions, don’t be worried about. This may be a larger tent but it has a high ability to withstand all manner of tough weather conditions.

Another great element about this larger style tent is that it is no more awkward or inconvenient to put up than a standard tent. If you have experience in putting up a single tent, you will find that this experience can be good to use in putting up a tent for five people. This style of tent is also completely waterproof so if you are experiencing heavy rain or changeable weather conditions, you can be confident that this tent will be able to stand up to anything nature can throw it.

You get fantastic space with this style of tent. Whether you intend to pack the tent with as many people as you possibly can or you are just looking to ensure you are comfortable when you camp, this is a brilliant tent for many campers.