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Large 10 man tent feature imageWith a 10 man tent you will feel at home! When you go camping, do you go yourself or do you like to make it a special occasion? There are plenty of people that enjoy the peace and quiet of camping and this is something that they feel is best enjoyed when camping by themselves. This is a perfectly acceptable way to enjoy camping and it should be encouraged if you feel confident. However, plenty of other people like to turn their camping trip into a massive social event with friends and family members all joining in with the fun. If you are going camping with a lot of people, it may make sense to invest in a 10 man tent as opposed to everyone having their own tents. If you not comfortable setting up a tent of this size then you could use two 4 man tents, check out those reviews here. When you weigh up the cost of buying one massive tent for everyone as opposed to individual tents or tents for couples, you can save yourself some money by opting for the larger sized tent. In these tough economic times, anything which provides a financial saving without impacting on the usefulness or benefits that come from the option has to be considered. There are plenty of reasons why opting for a tent fit for 10 people can be the best choice you’ll make and these are some of them. More about camping tips visit this website.

General Benefits of Large Family Tents Ideal for Groups of 10 or More

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Value for money
  • Keeping people together

10 Man Tents

PictureDescriptionPriceCustomer Reviews

Skandika Milano 10 Man Family Tent
£££1 reviews

Skandika Korsika 10 Family Group Tent - Green/Beige
£££2 reviews

10T 10 personTent SHOSHONE 500 HH=5000mm stiched groundsheet + shade sail
£££3 reviews

Peaktop Outdoor Waterproof 3000mm 3+1 Rooms 9-12 Man Family Camping Tent
£££1 reviews

Space – Theres a tonne more space in large family tent.

When you are buying a tent that can hold 10 people, you are clearly getting more space for all your gear. There is ample space for everyone but with each tent being linked and connected, there is more space in communal areas as opposed to what would be provided by single tents for everyone or double tents. The fact that there is a greater area for everyone that is undercover and protected from the weather conditions will be considered as being a great thing for many people.

Communal area – These 10 man versions are home from home

Given that you are going camping with a lot of people, it is likely that there will be a large social element to your trip. This means that having a 10 man tent with an area where everyone can congregate and spend quality time together has to be seen as a very positive thing. When you all have different tents, you may find that poor weather conditions will limit the amount of time that people spend together. When you have a 10 man tent, it doesn’t matter what the weather is, there will be a large space that is covered and sheltered where people can hang out. If the social aspect is a big factor for your trip, make sure that your group can be sociable at all times, regardless of the weather.


One big positive aspect from these 10 man tents comes with the fact that they are sturdy and reliable. There is no denying that people will feel happier and more confident knowing that they have a tent that can protect them from all sorts of weather. While small tents are comfortable for one person, they may not provide the confidence that they can withstand heavy rain or string winds. When you have a tent that has been designed for 10 people, there is a greater level of assurance that it will be able to stand up to what is on offer from the weather.


Similarly, these 10 man tents are great for providing confidence when it comes to keeping away the rain. You need to make sure that your tent is waterproof and these large tents are ideal for keeping the rain at bay.

Keeps folk together

However, it is likely that the most important aspect of a tent of this size is the fact that it keeps everyone together. This is particularly true for a family and parents can feel very confident knowing that all of the children are in the same tent area. Kids will also feel more confident and happier knowing that they don’t have to go outside to reach their parents or their siblings. When it comes to keeping people happy, keeping them together with a 10 man tent or other large option makes perfect sense. Learn more about family camping.