Why Large Groups With Gear Should Consider 10 – 12 Berth Tents

Skandika Nimbus 12 Man Family TentCamping is not just an outdoor activity, it is a chance to bond and make new friends and enjoy nature at its closest. A large group of friends camping together probably share an opportunity that they may never get again in life. The downside of a large group, say about 8 people is that everyone will be traveling with their gear. When people are traveling in small groups, as individuals and couples, they need to carry all the necessities of their own. When there is a bigger group, a distinct benefit is achieved. Since people camp together, the replication of necessities is eliminated. To explain further, not everyone needs to carry their own stove, not everyone needs to carry kitchen utensils.

A large group camping together saves a lot of effort and time if they share a 10 – 12 berth tent together. The benefits include less redundancy of camping gear, economies of scale in terms of cooking, lesser spend on activities like setting up individual tents, more safety and most important a great communal feeling to the camping event. The larger berth tents also have more space in comparison to their smaller counterparts, if used well in conjunction with camping style wardrobes, all the stuff can be easily managed to create extra space. It also becomes easier to store food, cook food, maintain firewood (or stove fire), bbq and bonfire if people are interested as division of labor helps speed up things.

It is however difficult to have 10 – 12 berth tents set up in all weather conditions. Places which have strong winds and extra rains offer great perils to larger tents. They are more prone to air gusts and installing them becomes more difficult and time consuming. The group also requires good understanding and proper management which can lead to some conflicts (not necessarily, we are just trying to cover all the aspects of having big groups). The skill level of maintaining a larger berth tent is different in comparison to a smaller tent. The anchoring or guying required for a berth tent for 10 – 12 people is similar in principal to a smaller one but it takes more time getting one up and ready as compared to a smaller one.

Big groups are better off having larger tents, not only they will have economic benefits, they will also have quality time. The division of labor will mean that people will have to do fewer jobs, although the magnitude of each job will increase. The bigger backpacks and gear will be easily sorted and stored which in smaller tents would have been difficult to store. The benefit of cost saving on one tent in comparison to smaller many tents will also be appreciative resulting in a big economic benefit for all concerned parties.

A time that all the people can later reflect on and remember with fondness



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