Is a Camping Style Wardrobe a Great Help or Just Extra Weight?

Camping camping wardrobestyle wardrobes are fashionable and everything that is fashionable may not mean that it is necessarily good; hence a consideration often emerges about the usefulness of such an object. There are many reasons that make people doubtful about camping style wardrobe, the weight, the cost, the almost no use on most trips and the fact that simple backpack based storage almost manages to provide the same functionality at almost no extra price

There are other beneficial factors to consider though

  • Most of the wardrobe is made of special fabrics designed to withstand weather conditions and humidity better than ordinary wardrobes. Not only they work in damp conditions, they also help protect your clothes from getting damp. A simple jean with its rugged nature stays good to use for days even weeks but once wet or damp, drying it becomes extremely difficult and wearing it is almost out of question.
  • There are no irons while you are camping hence it is difficult to look good in dress clothes. Unless you are carrying a wardrobe it is almost impossible for you to wear your dress shirts or khakis. The fact that they also help in organizing stuff will be beneficial to you as the trip moves on in time; it is easier to live from a backpack for a few days, but if you are spending a whole week you will really feel the need of having a proper wardrobe.
  • If you are dressed in layers, chances are you do not require heavy clothes. The argument that packing style wardrobe just adds extra weight pretty much fades away when you dress up in layers. The fact remains that you require keeping your clothes safe and wrinkle free in a wardrobe. Dressing up in layers also means that you may require more clothes than normal times making a wardrobe a very nice choice to have.
  • The wardrobes themselves are very light and foldable. You do not necessarily need to carry them for long time as well, if your campsite is closer to the car parking, the only distance they have to travel is from the parked car to the campsite. The numerous benefits that they offer make the carrying distance totally redundant.
  • Storage space for shoes is always a concern, you cannot leave them outside the tent (moisture, insects etc.) and they never look good lying around in the sleeping area. The fact that dirty socks may also contain some odor makes them even more distasteful items. A good place to store your shoes and socks hence becomes an added bonus for the camping party. The fact that wardrobes come with compartments where you can store your shoes make them an extremely beneficial accessory.
  • You can also pack other items in your wardrobe, the food items; other items that you want to keep dry and out of range of insects can be stored in them. They are flexible light and offer variable benefits making them a very useful travel accessory.

Camping style wardrobes have the potential to be a very useful accessory for the campers. Their benefits far outweigh their negative points and hence they can be classified as a very handy purchase.

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