Check Out Our 12 Man Tent Reviews, Perfect for Large Groups or Big Family Trips

Feature image on 12 man tent reviewsGoing camping? Need a 12 man tent?

Camping Holidays are something that everyone should experience at least once.

It’s a great way to get the whole family together and to enjoy the great outdoors.

The problem usually comes up when you haven’t got enough room to hardly sleep let alone have a place that’s out of the elements to spend time together.

Most people are fine with using and setting up a 4 person tent, if your searching for a 12 person model the chances are your a pretty experienced camper with a large family or a big group of friends in tow!

Or maybe your group isn’t that large and you just love the space. Either way there is a touch of luxury about camping and holidaying with these big tents! Firstly we need to establish what we need the tent for, if its predominantly for sleeping then most big family tents will accommodate, but if its a chance to make your camping accommodation  home from home then some tents are better than others. Also don’t discount a 10 person tent they are bigger than you would expect.

PictureTent DescriptionPriceCustomer Reviews

Skandika Turin 12 Man Family Tent
£££ 6 reviews

Skandika Nimbus 12 Man Family Tent
£££ 9 reviews

Skandika Hurricane 12 Man Family Tent
£££ 3 reviews

ProAction Canberra 12 Man Family Tent with ClevaCAMPER Collapsable Drinks Bottle
£££Be the first to review this item

Skandika Casablanca 12 Man Tent - Sand
£££Be the first to review this item

10T 12 person Tent APACHE 600+ HH=5000mm stiched groundsheet + inner tent
£££Be the first to review this item

Even if you do not have a huge family having an extra large tent really is worth it in the end because you will have room for talking, dining and entertainment for everyone who might want to do different things.  It also works out really well if you have a large group of friends that might want to go out and make a camping holiday a tradition that you will do every single year.

We took everything from customer reviews and real people experiences and determined which tents had the best of everything to offer.  We put in the work reviewing many tents so you could have an all in one place to make your decision on which tent will work best for you

What’s so special about these large 12 man tents?

In a word – SPACE! Space and options are the main two huge benefit of any outdoor tent of this size, comfortably sleeping twelve you will also find plenty of space for belongings, camping gear, cooking utility’s as well as general seating and shade area’s. I wouldn’t go as far as saying its like a luxury hotel, but as far as camping goes its the next best thing! Providing three separate living quarters is absolutely ideal for friends or family’s, if like me you have children, you find they want to be rooming together! Its not cool to be sleeping next to mam and dad! Or perhaps its a group of couples, what the circumstances are you will always find the option of multi living sections super helpful. Below is the N01 best selling twelve berth tent in the Uk and aswell as the video we will be supplying some excellent facts on it.

Skandika Turin Large Family Tent

Skandika Turin 12 Person Family Tent

  • 3 very large sleeping area’s
  • A huge living room/common room for entertaining or storage
  • Over 6 feet tall at its highest point
  • Sleeps 11-13 people comfortably
  • Water proof and UV protected

Imagine not only having your own private place to sleep that’s separate from the other rooms but also having enough room inside to set up a dining table and serving meals or just hanging out and playing games and spending time together.  This tent was designed with comfort and functionality in mind.  The reviews of this tent were all very good, with people who absolutely loved the space, headroom and convenient set up time.

Skandika Nimbus Large Family Tent

Skandika Nimbus 12 Berth Family Tent

  • Sturdy even in high winds and bad weather situations
  • Colour coded poles to make set up very easy
  • A repair kit is included with the purchase
  • Fire Retardant Material
  • Sleeps twelve adults
  • Breathable Material for good air flow

With excellent headroom this tent really does allow you to feel like you’ve brought the comforts of home into nature.  This tent is really easy to put up taking less than 20 minutes to get everything ready.  The indoor areas are comfortable and bring in a ton of light and breeze so that it feels comfortable inside day or night.  With over 200cm of space you’ll never have to crawl around or get a stiff neck while spending time inside.

Skandika Hurricane Twelve Person Family Tent

Skandika Hurricane 12 Man Family Tent

  • Mosquito Mesh over the windows to allow in the fresh air while sleeping
  • Hooks on the inside for lanterns or light fixtures
  • Easy set up and break down
  • Fire Resistant Materials to keep you and your family safe
  • Big enough for twelve people with a large common room

This tent makes you feel like you’ve got a home away from home while on a camping holiday. It sets up in just a few minutes and breaks down again just the same.  With it’s tubular design most customers preferred this style because it allowed the feeling of extra space.  It has an optimized ventilation system that allows for you to feel as comfortable inside this tent as you would feel inside of your own home.

ProAction Canberra Family Tent with ClevaCAMPER Collapsable Drinks Bottle

ProAction Canberra 12 Man Family Tent with ClevaCAMPER Collapsable Drinks Bottle

  • 3 rooms
  • 6 doors so that you get the privacy you need
  • Large windows lets in tons of light and outdoor breeze
  • Made from synthetic materials that breathe well
  • Comes with a nifty collapsible drinking bottle as a bonus

Customers really ranted and raved about this tent because it just has so much space and allows in so much light and airflow.  Airflow is really important when sleeping outdoors especially in a tent even one that’s so large because it helps with the feeling of being enclosed.  It has a really easy set up and also comes with a very neat collapsible drinking bottle.

Skandika Casablanca Twelve Person Tent – Sand

Skandika Casablanca 12 Man Tent - Sand

  • Dome like style
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Mosquito Mesh over all windows and doors
  • Water Resistant and UV protection
  • Stylish tan color

The style of this tent makes it hands down a customer favourite for stability.  It just feels safe and secure on the inside.  It has plenty of room for moving around, sleeping and just hanging out together.  The construction of this tent keeps out all unwanted nature including rain and creepy crawling things that might think the warmth from inside is a good thing, also comes with full instructions and a handy carry case as well to make things easier.

10T  Tent APACHE 600+ HH=5000mm stiched groundsheet + inner tent

10T 12 person Tent APACHE 600+ HH=5000mm stiched groundsheet + inner tent

  • Large Inner Room
  • Easy to use zippers
  • Comes with all tent posts, guy wires and the frame
  • Bright Blue and Tan Colouring
  • Good Ventilation

If you like communal living where it’s just one singular room then this is the  tent for you.  Customers who liked really spending time as a group with friends or with a large family loved this tent the best.  It is a great tent no matter what time of year it is because of its circular design it really helps you to feel like you are spending good quality time together. Conclusion With all the tents that are out on the market sometimes it can be really hard to decide if you want to go with a tent that’s just for sleeping or a tent that will feel more like home.  Those customers that have purchased these tents really had nothing but good things to say about them and wouldn’t ever go back to a tent that was just big enough for sleeping.  These tents were designed for large family gatherings or group holidays.  Truth be told if you had unexpected guests and you didn’t have a 12 man tent or another big tent there would be no place to house extra people so it’s a wonderful advantage that people enjoy.


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