Favourite Camping Trips In The UK

If you are a visitor to the 1234mantent site, it is likely that you will have an interest in camping. It may be that your desire to find out about tents is driven by going to a music festival or you want a tent for your back garden, which means you may not be too bothered about camping. That’s fair enough, tents are suitable for a wide range of purposes and hopefully you will find the perfect tent for your tents.
However, there is no doubt that tents are fantastic to have at your disposal when you are going camping and I should know, because I seem to have spent half of my life camping around the United Kingdom! I’m Steve Jennings and I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the joys of camping for a considerable period of time. I may now be married with 2 brilliant boys but camping remains a big part of my life as it has been at other points of my years gone by. As a husband and parent, you need to think about different aspects and features compared to what you need when you are a young, single man but no matter what stage I’ve been at in life, or who I have been camping with, there has always been a great tent to make the camping process easier.
You can check out the wide range of tents on site so I’d like to take the opportunity to tell you about some my favourite camping destinations across the United Kingdom


Okay, this is a broad topic and it’s not as if you would say England as a camping destination! However, it is important to not overlook Scotland as being a viable destination for camping. The weather may be a bit more robust than what you’ll find the south of England but with a proper tent, the right clothes and the right attitude, you’ll find that many places in Scotland, particularly the Highlands, offer stunning views that stand up with anything in the world.
Scotland has plenty of lochs to enjoy and you can camp beside many of them. Loch Lomond is central and easy to get to but if you venture further north, Loch Ness gives you the opportunity to look for Nessie. This is definitely something that is brilliant for all the family and me and the boys have had some fun adventures looking to find the mysterious beast of the north of Scotland.


Dartmoor is an excellent choice in England because you can actually enjoy wild camping for a few nights. The Dartmoor National Park website has all the details you need to find out more about this opportunity and if you crave a genuine camping trip, this is a fantastic place to visit. Dartmoor is beautiful and if you like activities, you will have the chance to enjoy hikes, take part in potholing and even go climbing. This may be a bit rough and strenuous for young children but it is a challenge that many teenagers will adore.


Okay, it is not as if you are going to pitch your tent up in Oxford Street or Leicester Square but there are camp sites that are not too far from the main tourist hubs of the capital. This can provide you with the best of both worlds and sometimes it is good to find some peace and quiet close to the madness of the big city. The Crystal Palace Caravan Club is a great spot and there is also the Abbey Wood site which is located in South London. You can be in the main shopping parts of the city within 30 minutes from here, so you are not too far away from civilisation.
The Lake District probably speaks for itself and this is the ideal setting for a romantic getaway. It may not offer much for the kids but if you are looking for a relaxing and enjoyable break, this is the perfect location.